Dog Sledding near the cottages

As we all know, the dog is man (and woman)’s best friend. For one thing, dogs are willing to pull you along on a sled for hours, just for your enjoyment. In the Outaouais region, our doggies are eager to meet you! Dog sledding is a relatively little-known sport, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll love it. Several types of dog sledding experiences are available, both summer and winter, from a one-hour ride with the kids to an adventure of several days (if you discover a true passion for the sport!). No previous experience required: you can drive your own sled or let the musher guide the team. At some centres, you can spend a night in a prospector tent …you’ll feel like you’re back in the days of the gold rush! And for a unique experience, try skijoring: glide through the woods on cross-country skis, pulled along the trail by your new best friend. Ready? Let’s go!

Dog Sledding – Low, QC