Super-moon at the Cottages

On March 19th, 2011, the moon were closer and thus bigger than it’s been in two decades… The full moon appeared about 14 percent larger and significantly brighter than usual (read more…)

Dan and I went to the cottage this past weekend and were able to get some incredible shots… the moon was so bright and beautiful that we didn’t even need lights out! what an experience… and when things like this happen, we , feel so blessed for the places we have!! and so lucky to have a sanctuary to that offers such peace… and it is a great reflection that our retreat name is so appropriate!! ?

Enjoy some of our pictures with us… and feel free to share them with your friends and family!

September’s Full Moon – The Harvest Moon

September’s Full Moon is called the Corn moon or the Harvest moon this is harvest time and if the full moon occurs late and in August it is called the harvest moon. If the full moon occurs earlier and in September then it is called the corn moon because the corn crop is ready for picking at that time.

In traditional full moon astrology’ it is a good time to cleanse and clear up all the issues to do with life. Time for all rites and rituals for healing old wounds both emotional and physical. During this months full moon it is a time for forgiving transgressors and for forgiving yourself to let go of all old baggage. A time to harvesting on a  metaphysical level from your inner soul and your outer growth. Getting rid of all that old stuff and clearing the ground for the new growth the more enlightened you!